Insurance Valuations and Assessments

Nicky was approached by Woman & Home to write an informative article on the importance of having jewellery correctly valued (click here to view the article)

She is qualified to carry out accurate jewellery valuations which provides a vital service to both client and Insurer. Jewellery is correctly itemised and valued and monthly premiums are adjusted accordingly to enable clients to receive fair replacements of their lost jewellery at claims stage.

For personal or estate purposes, clients are able to have their jewellery valued “on site” be it in their home or office thus obviating the need to transport and leave valuables in the care of a third party.

An hourly rate is charged for valuations rather than basing the fee on a percentage of the value of the jewellery. This works out a lot less expensive for the client.

Service includes:

♦   Personal visit to your home or office
Advice on which items should be specified
Advice on the repair needed to any damaged jewellery
A detailed valuation certificate on examined items is presented to the client






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