Jewellery Valuations 


Did you know that some jewellers charge a % of the value of your Jewellery? Others jewellers charge per item. But in most cases YOU have to take your Jewellery to them. My service includes travelling to you and valuing the Jewellery in the privacy of your home or office.

I'm sure you will agree that not only is it safer and more convenient, but you don't have to leave your valuables and wait to have them back after a few days or even sometimes a few weeks!

My charge is calculated by how much time I spend with you valuing each item. NOT on the value of your Jewellery! This works out much more cost effective for my clients. Most insurance companies or Brokers will insist that I view their clients Jewellery. But, in some instances if it's noted on the valuation, they will accept that I have not seen the items. In this instance you can email through the outdated valuation and I will forward a current replacement value on that particular item/s. The cost will be less. I cannot stress how important valuations are and if you are correctly covered in terms of replacement values, as  then you should not have any problems  when claiming on lost or stolen items.

Please email me on for a price breakdown and to set up an appointment.



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